Corporate Girl (corporategirl) wrote,
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I'm trying to be better about networking, in light of the personal brand development discussions I've been having lately. I have been meaning to follow my last UoP instructor's advice and make sure I network with everyone that I teamed with while I was there. I finally located most of their email addresses and sent out a thank you to all of them, inviting them to keep in touch and even add me to any of their networking sites like LinkedIn, Friendster, Myspace and I also sent of two to former coworkers that included the articles from Fast Company that I've been sharing with everyone. I have one more networking email to a coworker to go and then I think I'm done for now.

I'm also working on setting up a personal website. That's going to take a little time. I used to have one for my spiritual pursuits, and I really liked it, but I think I could benefit from having one that is more secular. Will take some time to strike the right balance between personal and professional interests and accomplishments.
Tags: fast company, networking, personal brand development, webpage
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