Corporate Girl (corporategirl) wrote,
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Poorly Managed Change

One of the things I just learned about in class is about managing change with employees. This morning I come in to work to find a textbook example of what not to do and find myself one of the overstressed employees, uncertain of what the change means.

We all know that I have dreaded the whole timesheet issue for a long, long time. One of my goals this year was to take ownership of the timesheet situation and get it under control. So I have goals to develop a database, develop policies etc. I found out this morning that Marcus is going to be doing the database and Ben's wife will be doing the entry. I thought I'd about cry to have the rug pulled out from under me like that with no explanation. Ben is out of town until the middle of next week, but I've asked him to get some clarification on my role in the whole timesheet process for next month. We may need to revamp my goals.

Despite my wanting to keep a positive attitude, I couldn't help but feeling like crying when I got back to my desk. All of those issues that I was going to resolve were going to show my ability to take responsibility, show my improved skills and help me get my promotion. I'm sure that there are still other ways to do that, but ...well, I guess I'm feeling rather invested in the process after all this time and that my efforts are going unrecognized.

Here's the email I sent to Ben:

Hi Ben,

When you get back, would you clarify with Nancy what my role is with the timesheet process? It appears that the goals and tasks that I have developed related to timesheets have been reassigned to different people, so I'm not exactly clear what I am responsible for. For this month, I'm going to deliver signed or printed timesheets to Nancy for her review. Let's discuss when you get back.

This comes on the heals of Ann telling correcting me yesterday for having directed an Assistant Controller at one of our properties to contact specific people to resolve the issues she was having with some items still on her balance sheet. Per Ann, our policy is to direct such requests to the Renovations controller since they maintain the relationship with the property. what? Since when is this policy. I've never heard such a thing before. It took me 10 minutes to clarify exactly what the policy was and who these things should be directed to.

Don't get me wrong. Ann is far better about communicating than she used to be, possibly because Connie told her point blank one day that the reason she never got any feedback in meetings was because no one understands what she is talking about. She's been much more willing to clarify and simplify what she is saying, but really most of the time she is talking from a fram of reference that is still two or three frames away from anyone else's. It takes some time to get her to start discussing things in a common framework.

So I'm just frustrated. I feel like I'm out of the loop and not able to plan and react effectively because of it.
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