Corporate Girl (corporategirl) wrote,
Corporate Girl

System Testing

I busted my ass this weekend to make sure that system testing was complete by today. I had two other people who were also testing 3 tests apiece (I had 7). After 5 tests and 5 hours, I found the tests were becoming redundant and were relatively pointless, so I stopped. Neither of the other two completed any of their tests. One of those two was my boss, who was pushing me to have all system tests completed before today. Thanks a big fuckin' heap.
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My boss has mentioned six sigma to me before. Would you give me an overview of it, recommend it etc..

Six sigma is actually a tool borrowed from manufacturing companies. Six sigma itself is a statistical term I think used by engineers to measure defects. The idea of six sigma is that the highest percentage of defects will be prevented by improving processes and standardizing them. We've used this in my business to share best practices among our different locations to ensure that customers receive as high and similar a level of service as possible, no matter where they go. There is an actual value attached to six sigma, and I want to say it is something higher than 99%, meaning that 99% of all products or experiences are as they are designed to be. If you think about it, if you have 100,000 items, and 1% are flawed, that's 1,000 items, and that's not really acceptable in terms of service and quality.

Six sigma focuses on teams locating defects in processes and resolving them. The teams are supposed to be comprised of not only people from the area affected, but other areas as well, and a diversity in the ranks as well (low, medium and high level management as well as those at the front lines). It's kind of cool - but it can be expensive and labor intensive. The results are worth it though.