Corporate Girl (corporategirl) wrote,
Corporate Girl

Journal Update: Transitioning to New Journal Site

(cross-posted to my regular journal>

Since my corporategirl journal is so small, it was easy to transfer over in just about 20 minutes or so. The new location is at but can be read on lj at whatevahcorp via rss feed. Probably the only thing anyone will notice with that is a lack of user pic and presence of the url address of the entry in the post itself.

At any rate, I may maintain corporategirl as a backup site "in my spare time", as I'm not sure exactly how reliable GreatestJournal is. I haven't gotten a sense for them yet, but it appears that they have been around for a while. If it looks like they will have a longterm presence, I will likely abandon that particular lj.

I guess I should also mention that the filtered updates that I've had on my main journal (for those of you who read that one) for this topic will be discontinued. Feel free to add whatevahcorp to your friends list if it is a subject matter that interests you!
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